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Classics in the Curriculum: Amarantus and his Neighbourhood

The Amarantus site is now open here!

We are pleased to announce completion of the first phase of our new work based on the soon to be published study of Region I, Insula 9 in Pompeii led by Dr Sophie Hay and Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill; The Bar of Amarantus and His Neighbours (BAN). This initiative is tailored to suit History classrooms as well as Classics lessons and is the first ever project from our Classics in the Curriculum schemeIt also features a brand new story of life in Pompei written by Roman Mysteries author Caroline Lawrence, and beautifully illustrated by Laura Jenkinson-Brown. You can buy the book here.

The Amarantus project brings together CSCP’s experience of producing internationally successful teaching materials and the exciting work of historians and archaeologists to open a brand new chapter for CSCP's support for Classics teaching and to introduce students and teachers to the study of one of the world’s most famous historical sites.

Find out more about our materials and collaborators.