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Caroline Bristow — Director

Caroline BristowCaroline took over the management of CSCP in February 2017. Previous to this she was the Classics and Religious Studies Subject Specialist at the exam board OCR, where she led on the creation of new qualifications. and worked with the Department for Education and Ofqual to develop subject specific guidelines and regulations. She also oversaw the production of supporting resources, handled publisher relationships, and devised and led the CPD for her subjects.

Caroline has taught a variety of subjects in the state sector at GCSE, AS and A Level, including Classical Civilisation, Classical Greek, Religious Studies, Philosophy and Anthropology. She also has experience teaching for the IB, as an EPQ Coordinator, and as an A Level examiner for AQA Classical Civilisation. Each summer she teaches on the JSST Repton Summer School, to get a small 'fix' of classroom time. 

She has been involved in outreach work, especially in terms of access to Classics and to Higher Education, since her time as an undergraduate and then postgraduate student at Oxford University, and is delighted to have the opportunity to continue this work at CSCP.


Mair Lloyd — Senior Project Assistant

Mair LloydMair is particularly interested in pedagogy and technology for Latin teaching and contributes to supporting teachers using the CLC course and those preparing pupils for GCSE Latin examinations. She is very keen to hear about their experiences, challenges and ideas for enhancements to resources – write to her at

Before joining CSCP, Mair completed a PhD at the Open University where she undertook research into Latin pedagogy. If you have a lot of time to spare, you can read Mair’s thesis here. She also worked in public sector technology management for a number of years, before taking a BA course in Classical Studies as an antidote to the thrills and spills of being a local government IT Manager. She then completed an MA in Classics and Ancient History at Manchester University. As well as having varied Classics and technology experience, Mair has a secret past as a Further Education Maths Lecturer and hasn’t quite been able to rid herself of the habit of coaching unsuspecting friends and relations who carelessly let slip an interest in Maths study.



Elizabeth Mozzillo-Howell — Distance Learning Manager

Elizabeth Mozilla-HowellElizabeth has been with us at CSCP for about 10 years as Distance Learning Manager. Her role involves helping people who would like to learn Latin, providing information on our courses and advising them on the right course for their needs.  Likewise for teachers who would like to start up Latin classes at their school. She manages the wonderful tutors who work with us, and really appreciates the opportunity to work with such dedicated Classics teachers. Should you 'phone her, you’ll hear an American accent  - or something like one! She's a transplanted New Yorker who has lived in England for over 20 years.

Whilst Elizabeth is actually an Italianist with a specialization in medieval literature, her interest in the Classics started in her teenage years when she first studied Latin at university. She considers herself very fortunate to be able to combine her two interests in both her academic life and her role at CSCP.





Ian Colvin — Development & Webmaster

Ian ColvinIan has worked at CSCP since 2005, and currently helps with all aspects of technical development, website and digital activities.

He is a Byzantinist and Late Roman historian, specialising in the Eastern Frontier and the South Caucasus. In addition to his work at CSCP, he runs a longstanding archaeological dig at Nokalakevi in the Republic of Georgia in partnership with the Georgian National Museum and the University of Winchester. Nokalakevi is a long period site, which corresponds to the Archaeopolis of Late Roman sources and is sometimes also identified as Aia, the capital of King Aeetes’ Colchis during the heroic age, destination of Jason and his Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece. Ian has taught at Oxford, Cambridge and Winchester, has lectured at Princeton, and is a consultant on the Rustaveli Foundation-funded project, the Kingdom of Egrisi-Lazika in the 1st to 8th cc AD.

When not in the office he can sometimes be found lecturing on archaeological and cultural tours of Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and the wider Near East.



Tim Waghorn — Project Assistant

Tim has worked at CSCP for a few years, in a variety of areas. These include helping design and develop various websites and resources, including and, in addition to other teaching materials (digital and print). He edits much of the audio associated with the Cambridge Latin Course and 'Amarantus and His Neighbourhood' and, when feeling especially theatrical, is the one reading the stories too. He is usually the person behind the CSCP twitter account, @Caecilius_CLC.

His undergraduate studies particularly focused on aspects of Roman satire and Classical Greek philosophy, and he now presents a radio show which has nothing to do with either.



Andrew Kightley — Project Secretary and Publications Manager

Andrew KightleyAndrew started working for CSCP in the summer of 2016 as Project Secretary and Publications Manager. He handles the administration and distribution of all products and services sold by CSCP, and is the first port of call for customers with problems or questions. On top of this he manages the office and keeps the rest of the team organised; no easy task! 

Andrew studied Philosophy at degree level, but was introduced to Classics when he studied Classical Civilisation at A Level. 

When he's not keeping the office running smoothly,  he can be found teaching and dancing with The Cambridge Lindy Hoppers. He does not, however, dance in the office unless provoked.


Caroline Musgrove — Outreach and Events

Caroline MusgroveCaroline joined the project in early 2018 and now coordinates CSCP's outreach and events initiatives. She is responsible for organising the annual conference and Ovid Competition, but also liaises with our teaching community throughout the year on all kinds of exciting projects, from the CLC to Amarantus.

Caroline completed her PhD in Classics at Cambridge in 2017. A historian by training, Caroline’s interests range from medicine, gender and early Christianity in late antiquity, to teaching sensitive issues in the Classics classroom. She has a particular interest in all sorts of storytelling, both ancient and modern. When not at work (and sometimes during), she can usually be found buried in a good book.

Caroline did not encounter Classics until university, so is passionate about giving other state school pupils the chance to learn about antiquity at an earlier stage.

If you have questions about CSCP’s events and outreach calendar, Caroline would love to hear from you at or via Twitter @CJMusgrove88.


John O'Leary — Website Developer

John The DeveloperIn 2019, a coder by trade was brought into the team. He knows a variety of programming languages and is keen to find the ultimate language that will unite people with machines via a linguistic singularity.

John completed his dissertation about the Semantic Web which he thinks is one of the most promising directions of development for achieving objectivity in communication and reaching a point when a better bridge can be built for translating natural language into machine language. Since then he has worked on many websites across a variety of organisations but has not, until now, had the opportunity to work specifically on language learning resources like those on offer from this team.