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Composite image depicting a variety of characters from courses produced by the Cambridge School Classics Project again the backdrop of the forum at Pompeii as it is today. Overlaid text at top centre reads:

omnes sunt in foro

Event Date: Saturday 24th February 2024

Session Proposal Deadline: Sunday 15th October 2023

Proposal link: here!

The CSCP conference – now named "The Forum" – returns on Saturday 24th February 2024. The event will be hosted online so we can continue to offer everyone free and equal access, no matter where in the UK or the rest of the world you happen to be. 


How to get involved

This year we are not proposing a specific conference theme because we hope the programme will be driven by you, our teaching community. 

Would you like to offer a session at "The Forum" next year? Perhaps you have an idea or practice that has worked well in your classroom that you'd like to share with the wider teaching community? Or perhaps there is a particular topic you'd like the event to address?

Whatever it may be, please help us build our programme by filling out the form below. Use it to tell us the topics you want to hear about, or to propose a conference session of your own.
You are welcome to offer the usual session of 40 minutes (30 minutes for your presentation and 10 minutes for questions), a workshop or discussion topic. If you would rather give a shorter presentation, let us know and we will see what we can do. 
If you don't have a session summary lined up, don't worry. Just give us a title and a few sentences on your topic and session objectives. You will have chance to polish your summary when the programme is finalised and your paper has been accepted (we are more than happy to provide guidance on writing session summaries if you would like it).
The deadline for proposals is 15th October 2023, and we anticipate that bookings will open in late October 2023. Please keep an eye on Twitter or sign up to our mailing list (in the bar at the bottom of this page) for updates.

Image credit: GuidoB; license: CC BY-SA 3.0; adapted by CSCP.