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Conference Date: 16-17th October, 2021

Location: Online

The team at CSCP were delighted by the success of our first online conference in 2020, which was attended by teachers from around the world. More than 140 people logged in over the course of the conference weekend to enjoy a range of sessions intended to support the teaching of classical subjects and to address the question of accessibility in classics. Following the success of the online event, we are pleased to announce that the conference in 2021 will follow a similar format.

Our call for contributions has now closed and the programme is being finalised. 

We hope you will join us once more on Zoom this autumn on 16-17th October

"Mind the Gap"

The conference theme this year is "Mind the Gap", a topic of continuing, and perhaps heightened, relevance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sessions will address the various ways we might understand the "gaps" in teaching contexts cultural gaps, vocabulary gaps, attainment gaps and the challenges and opportunities that arise from them. But we are also interested in questioning the notion of "gaps" altogether, and exploring the ways in which gaps might simply represent the diversity of our students' background and experience. 

Both linguistic and non-linguistic sessions will be on offer on the programme this year, aimed at teachers with any level of experience, from those just starting out to those who have been teaching for many years. The full programme will follow in due course.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with me, Caroline Musgrove, at